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Windows XP - Create Desktop Shortcuts

Welcome to this Windows XP tutorial on how to create desktop shortcuts. You might want to create a shortcut on your desktop so you don't have to go though the start menu all the time. It will be much quicker clicking the desktop shortcut icon.

Thinks To Note
  • Click the images to see a larger version
  • Yellow arrows or circles indicate where to look or click
  • Unless specified otherwise use the 'left' mouse button to click

Windows XP - Create Desktop Shortcuts

image of windows xp desktop icons

With Windows XP at the desktop you will hopefully see the icons as pictured. If not see our Changing Desktop Icons tutorial.

You can use this method to create a shortcut to any file or folder accessible in Windows.

Double click the 'My Computer' icon on the desktop.

showing my computer and local drives

The My Computer window will open and you will see all the local hard drives and any network drives listed.

For this tutorial we will create a desktop shortcut to a folder inside the D: drive.

Using the mouse, double click the drive that you wish to access. In our case it is the D: drive

prompt for creating shortcut on desktop

You will see all the folders and files listed on the D: drive. We will create a desktop shortcut to the 'Downloads' folder.

Using the mouse right click the folder or file you wish to create the shortcut for and a menu will appear. On the menu you will see a 'Send To' option.

Move your mouse to the 'Send To' option and a sub menu will slide out to the side. You will see an option 'Create Desktop Shortcut'. Click this option.

show of desktop with new shortcut on there

The menu will disappear and the shortcut will be created on the desktop as pictured in our example.

When you want to access the folder or file in the future you don;t have to click my computer, drive, and through endless folders. Just click the shortcut on the desktop.

You can create a link in this way from explorer and from the start -> programs menu.

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